Bike Nights

Paignton Bike Nights take place on Wednesday nights between May and the end of September, on the sea front at Paignton. Gates open at 6pm. Please donate at least £1 to go toward local charities and sick, disabled and disadvantaged children within the TQ area.

A special request – when leaving the sea front please ride to the speed limit and have respect for residents of Torbay by keeping your engine noise down, we have had a few complaints and we don’t want any reason to have Bike Nights stopped, thanks.

The location is ideally positioned for the gathering of bikers and thanks to the agreement with Torbay Council only motorcycles, trikes and quads are permitted on the road during that time. If it’s got handlebars then you’re welcome so no Reliant Robins (unless they are chopped)

Bike Night is intended to be a place to get together with like minded people and at the same time raise money for charity. Having said that, the event has become very popular with both locals and tourists who are just amazed to see so many bikes in one location and is now becoming an unofficial tourist attraction during the summer months.

Riders and Pillions are urged to donate at least £1 per person to park on the seafront where they can then take the opportunity to admire other bikes, compare notes, grab a cup of coffee, an ice cream, burger, or take advantage of the many wonderful local restaurants and bars, while also raising valuable money for our charities. Why not stay the night (or even the week) and enjoy all that Torbay has to offer.

“Your donations over the years have made and will continue to make a huge difference to our community.
Please go to Charities to see where some of your donations are donated and the difference it is making.
The price you see advertised on all our events are for donation only and is not compulsory.
We welcome you all and lets make a difference to our community.
Without your support by donation there is no event.
A great big thanks to all of our supporters who give even more to come to BMAD events.
Thanks again for your support.”