Our chosen charities

Every biker who comes through the BMAD entrance makes a donation which allows BMAD to make a difference to so many lives across the TQ postcode area. The Wednesday evenings are also a huge tourist attraction for non-bikers who have free access to the promenade. There are collecting cans at the BMAD trailer and the BMAD team will gratefully accept donations from the general public.

BMAD is fully engaged with raising monies for charities and our aim is that every £1 donated to BMAD will be distributed to our chosen charities. The Air Ambulance, St Johns Ambulance, Devon Freewheelers (Blood Bikes) and the Torbay Young Carers, in addition BMAD are also able to donate equipment, toys, electrical goods and other such items to improve the quality of life for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children and young people up to the age of nineteen within the TQ postcode area. We welcome requests from other organisations and individuals that fit this criteria.

If you would like to be considered and you live within the TQ postcode area please use the Form at the end of this page.

PLEASE NOTE ~ we are only able to consider applications that will improve the quality of life for sick, disabled and disadvantaged children and young people up to the age of 19 within the TQ  postcode area.

We receive many letters and emails asking for assistance and are very glad that through you we have been able to assist with those requests. In addition we have had a lot very kind messages of support for all we do. Long may it continue and once again thank you, whether biker or holiday-maker, if you were one of the many thousands of people who supported us last year.

This year we are hoping for good weather at the festival which will give us a boost to the charity pot so we can surpass last year’s donations.

Oliver is 4 years old and was born with a rare chromosome disorder.  He has a number of problems but one of the main issues for Oliver is that he cannot form speech sounds and therefore cannot express himself as other children can.  The communication app that BMAD have very kindly funded for Oliver uses simple pictures and symbols which is important due to his developmental delays but it also has the potential to grow with Oliver through his whole childhood. The hope is that it will help the world become a less frustrating place, one where Oliver can at least express his basic needs and feelings, and in the future aid potty training, learning when he starts school in September, and even interacting with other children.


Requests for funding and support from BMAD